Welcome to the St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church web-site.  


We have a simple, but "catchy" mission statement ... LGL.  It stands for Living God's Love. Our ministry revolves around this statement and becomes the goal of all we do.


Sunday, November 2 will be All Saints' Sunday. On this day we remember all those who have died since last All Saints' Sunday. This time of prayer helps us remember the saints on whose shoulders we stand. We give thanks to God for all the saints!  We will be using Now the Feast and Celebration as our liturgy.


Reformation Sunday, October 26, seven of our young people will be confirmed. Yes, once again we will affirm God's love for Maggie, Kolin, Sarah, Aly, Joe, Julia, and Kelsey.  It was a joyous service filled with parents, siblings, baptismal sponsors, mentors and friends. May God be with all of our marvelous young people!

Thanks to our Small Group for hosting Trunk or Treat!  It was a fun and delicious afternoon!   


Once again our Luther League had a very successful chicken BBQ.  The over $1200 in proceeds will help our youth attend the ELCA Youth Gathering in 2015. 


Thanks to Nancy McNeil for agreeing to be our Interim Music Director. Luther Choir practices will be at 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays. 


Sunday School is for everyone! Parents or guardians, join your youngsters in learning about being a Christian in today's society. Our adult class just concluded a fantastic dvd series on Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Right now we are exploring one of Krista Tippett's Small Group Discussions on Being. Our topic is Living Islam: Expanding Our Understanding.


Photographs for a new Pictorial Directory have been taken. We hope to have our pictorial directories within a couple of months. Thank your for participating.  


The people of St. Matthew strive to recognize and nurture the Christ in ourselves, and, in each person we encounter. Our church is a thriving community of believers, and lovers of the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ. We have a long tradition of outreach and service to our members and the community.


You are invited to be our guest at 8:30 or 11:00 on Sunday ... to experience for yourself the fellowship of Christ.  Or, join us for any event!   



Please join us for worship and Sunday School

 Sunday Worship

  8:30 and 11:00 a.m.


Sunday Church School

at 9:45



400 N. Broadway St.
Medina, OH 44256
Office: 330-725-8885





November 01, 2014



 Sunday , November 2

    All Saints' Sunday

      Now the Feast

    at 8:30 and 11:00

  Sunday School at 9:45


This week at St. Matthew:

Monday, October 27

11 am - Sr. Happy Hour


Tuesday, October 28

6:30 am - Men's Bible Study

9:30 - Women's Bib. Study

6:00 - LDR

7:00 pm - Comm/Evangelism 


Thursday, October 30

3:00 pm - Prayer Group

5:30 pm - Children's Choir

7:30 pm - Luther Choir


Saturday, November 1

9:30 am - Catechism

11:00 am - Youth Choir


Sunday, November 9

8:30 - Rythym & Blues

9:45 - Sunday School

11:00 - Service of the Word



Dinner for  8

Operation H.O.M.E.S.

Chaplain Partnership


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